Renewable Power Systems for Service Vehicles

Empowering Businesses wth Clean, Reliable Energy

We have developed a product that will last up to five times longer than traditional fossil-fueled generators

EnVault is the clean, reliable, energy system that the planet and businesses need today.

EnVault is seeking a program that shares our vision of sustainability through innovative and novel technologies. It is more than just reducing harmful emissions, it's also about improving social environments and creating a positive economic impact on businesses of all sizes.

EnVault, a creative and forward-thinking multidisciplinary group who are passionate about building a greener tomorrow through novel technologies. Our First goal, liberate mobile businesses from their dirty and expensive fossil-fuel vehicle-mounted generators.

By eliminating smelly generators and producing zero harmful/hazardous exhaust, the Vault-0 will liberate the air in your favorite food truck park so patrons can enjoy the pleasant culinary aromas. Being that the Vault-0 is designed to run whisper-quiet, service and work trucks will be able to operate less intrusively in quiet neighborhoods and places of business.

While we are currently targeting service industries (utilities, food trucks, etc.), these exact same VMGs are also commonly found in RV’s, EMS vehicles, and are close relatives to US military generators. This is why the Vault-0 (and its underlying tech/IP) is being designed with flexibility and adaptability in mind.

The unique ability to scale up (increase output and capacitance) for more power-intensive uses provides us with the opportunity to introduce a whole range of industry-changing green e-generators. This will ensure that EnVault’s positive environmental, social, and economical impact will be global and enduring.

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